iFixit X-rays Apple’s Smart Battery Case to See How The Camera Button Works

Published on November 28, 2019

Recently, Apple launched its new smart battery case. Many online reviewers reviewed the smart case and observed how the camera button on the smart case works, as the iPhone has no dedicated camera button. They examined the smart battery case for the recently launched iPhone 11 series. 

Image Credit: 9to5 Mac

How does Technology Work?

The reviewers found that the phone uses X-rays to perform the camera application. Though the process was not surprising, it certainly an effective way to capture photos with ease. As there is dedicated buttons available to launch camera application in the iPhone 11 series, on the first hand, many thought that the company is using some wireless transmission to open the camera application. But later, it was found that the company is using X-rays to perform this activity. 

While reviewing the case, many reviewers noticed the presence of a new circuit board inside the case. The circuit board connects to the phone button with a thin and flexible circuit. The circuit board is connected to the lightning port to access the camera application. The process that Apple discovers to add this feature is not surprising at all, but the effort from the company to carry out a complicated hardware design is truly remarkable. 

The case for the iPhone 11 series has the same design pattern that we have seen in the last couple of years from Apple. The dedicated camera button is the only hardware change that Apple updated over the previous models. The case will increase the battery life on your iPhone significantly and give you an option to click photos like never before. Apart from battery efficiency, the case protects the expensive iPhone from the outer as well as the inner side. The silky and soft external finish provides a great feeling to hold the iPhone while the soft microfiber lining helps the phone to resist internal scratch.



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