Why is Huawei Honor 7X worth $200?

Published on December 28, 2017

There aren’t many brands in the market at the moment, who promise to deliver high-end features at extremely affordable prices. Chinese company OnePlus has been among the very few to deliver quality experience regardless of the low price. It appears like Huawei also wants to join this league.

Why is Huawei Honor 7X worth $200

Their recently-launched smartphone, the Honor 7X comes for a starting price of $200. Upon hearing the price, one would feel that the handset will carry mediocre features that do not really compliment the high-end requirements of most. However, that may not be true. This $200 small package comes included with a multi-core system, dual rear camera set-up, a full HD+ display, drop-hardened body, water resistant capabilities, 32GB worth of space, both dual-SIM and microSD card compatibility and a fingerprint scanning feature for security purpose.

According to a report by ZD NET, Huawei began selling the Honor 7X smartphone only recent in the North American market. The Chinese company plans on introducing the handset in other markets soon enough. They plan on bringing their fresh Honor 7X line-up in South America next year. One of the main highlights of the smartphone is its home-grown, multi-core HiSilicon 659 system-on-chip, which promises an uninterrupted experience. The full HD+ display is what really compliments its heavy-weight processor in portraying high-definition content for the entertainment purpose of the users. The smartphone is home to a 3,340mAh battery. According to Huawei, the smartphone can last for an entire day on single charge. The looks of the device are pretty commendable as well, as it represents a highly supreme-looking handset.

It would be an ideal pick for those looking to gift other users a high-end product. Given its strong built, the handset ends up lasting for a long period of time. Individuals can drop their handsets onto the concrete from six feet all day long and the worst kind of damage that you can incur on it is the slight scuffing of paint.

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Why is Huawei Honor 7X worth $200
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