HP Omen X 2S: First Dual Screen Gaming Laptop

Published on May 24, 2019

HP Omen is the first dual screen gaming laptop specifically designed for professional gamers. The laptop and its touchpad placement are a lot different than traditional laptops on the market and are carefully designed to deliver excellent performance.

Omen X 2S comes with Windows 10 OS and a powerful 16 GB RAM DDR4 RAM for render a smooth gaming experience. With the latest Wi-Fi and OMEN Technology Cooling system, the device doesn’t get heated after a period of long activity.

The laptop runs on 9th generation Intel Core H-series and uses Nvidia RTX 2070 G-Sync to ensure sharp and better display for your high-quality games with minimum input lag. With SSD accelerated storage and HD audio boost, playing your favorite games on Omen X 2S would be worth an experience.

The device is equipped with an RGB keyboard with 1.5mm fast action key for providing smooth gameplay. Further, HP has gone a step ahead and added 1080p IPS panel display with 144Hz refresh rate to the machine, making it compatible with the latest 4K gaming devices.

The second display of the laptop can prove to be its cutting edge selling feature and comes with a 6-inch screen above the keyboard. The screen is useful for watching live streams, chatting, and monitoring your CPU and GPU stats during heavy gaming sessions.

Besides, you can also play your favorite music on Spotify or browse Twitch on the second screen while enjoying your gaming experience. Also, the upgrades to the laptop are fairly easy, and you can add more RAM and disk space as per your needs.

As a final verdict, Omen X 2S offers an extraordinary gaming display while keeping you connected on major social platforms. If you feel bored at spawning times while playing your favorite online games, then Omen X2S can provide an easy way to keep you engaged.

Photo credit: HP

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