How Verizon’s Will Solve Biggest Problem With 5G Network

Published on August 30, 2019

Wireless Communication

How Verizon’s Will Solve Biggest Problem With 5G Network

How Verizon’s Will Solve Biggest Problem With 5G Network: Image Source

In the past, the data was transferred from one place to another through an electrical medium. Wires are commonly used as that electronic medium. But with the advancement in the field of technology, the data started to transfer from one place to another without any electrical medium. This type of transfer of data is known as wireless communication. Wireless communication is the main source of communication nowadays. It uses radio waves for communication.

We use wireless communication in our daily lives in the form of Bluetooth, GPS, wireless mouse, radios, cordless phones, wireless keyboards, satellite televisions and many other things that use wireless technology is a part of our life. Cellular data service is also an application of wireless communication. Data services are available within the range of a few miles from the nearest towers. The speed of cellular data service is evolving, and the latest generation of the data service is 5G.

Verizon wireless company

As advancement and development occur in the field of wireless technology. Different companies started to provide their services in this regard. They also started to make such products that can be used in wireless communication. Verizon wireless is such a telecommunication company that provides wireless products and services. After AT&T Verizon wireless company is the biggest service provider in the US.

Verizon wireless runs 4G services almost everywhere in the US. Verizon wireless company also provides wireless technology that are used mobile phones. Verizon wireless company is the second-largest telecommunication company that provides wireless communication. It continues to work to provide better services to their users. Verizon Wireless launched its 5G internet. 5G internet is launched only in 10 cities yet.

5G internet technology

The fifth and latest generation of wireless internet is 5G. We started at 2G; then we have 3G. 4G or LTE internet is mostly using nowadays. Different companies are doing tests in the regard of having a maximum speed 5G internet connection. The quality and range of the internet is the focus of wireless internet providers. The Verizon is one of the wireless internet providers that tested the speed of 5G internet.

Verizon wireless technology

Verizon wireless uses millimetre wave technology in their 5G internet. The millimetre wave technology boosts the connectivity of the network and allows it to deliver a high-speed internet connection.

Verizon 5G speed

Different tests are taken by wireless internet providers to check the speed of the 5G internet connection. The speed of Verizon’s wireless 5G internet is some of the fastest internet speed that is being recorded while testing 5G networks.

Steps were taken by Verizon to improve 5G

Verizon Wireless is taking some steps to improve their 5G internet connection, and it is going to make Boingo wireless its partner in this regard. The shortcoming of Verizon’s wireless is that it can’t penetrate through buildings. You must be in the sight of the 5G tower to use 5G internet services.

With the help of the Boingo wireless company, the Verizon wireless build distributed antennas, small towers to improve their 5G connectivity. These two companies announced to give a high-speed 5G internet over big and small indoor areas such as public parks, offices, stadiums, hotels, restaurants etc.

5G internet requirements

To use a 5G internet connection, you must have a 5G internet supported phone. The technology that is used in the phones that we are using nowadays can’t support 5G internet connection. Special chips and technology are required in the smartphone that can support 5G internet connection. Different companies have launched their 5G supported phones, but now only limited phones are available that can support 5G internet connection because 5G is not a common internet connection yet.

5G supported phone

As 5G internet is being tested and improvements are taking place in order to make it a reliable and efficient internet connection. Smartphone companies are not standing back in this regard. They have launched their 5G internet supported phones on which we can use or test 5G internet speed. The list of smartphones is as follows.

Motorola Moto

Motorola is one of the most famous smartphone brands. In the last year, it has launched two smartphones Motorola Moto Z3 and Z4. Moto Z3 is a 5G supported phone, but Moto Z4 can become a 5G phone if we add 5G Moto mod on this phone. These phones are the exclusives of Verizon wireless and can connect to its network wherever it is available.

Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung is the most commonly used mobile phone brand. This year Samsung has launched its new phone of Galaxy S series named as Samsung Galaxy S10. The phone comes in two models one is Verizon network, and the other is AT&T networks. The price of Samsung Galaxy S10 for the Verizon version is different according to room.

Huawei mate

Huawei shows his folding 5G supported phone. It can be folded out into an eight-inch tablet. This phone is an edition of Mate series. Another phone is added in this series. The phones named ad mate X and mated 20 X respectively. Both phones will use Huawei’s own Balong 5000 modem for internet connectivity. Huawei will launch these phones in September for tests.

ZTE Axon

The 4G version of ZTE Axon 10 Pro is available in the market, but ZTE announced to launch the Axon 10 Pro 5G version in the coming year. The other specification remains the same except the feature of 5G support and a cooling system. ZTE considered it an AI camera phone.

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How Verizon’s Will Solve Biggest Problem With 5G Network
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