How to Hire a ReactJS Development Company

Published on December 3, 2020
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Hello, my friends! Today, I want to share with you some information about ReactJS. A lot of developers choose it for work, do you know why? I will tell you. Also, we will talk about some tips on how to hire a ReactJS development company, so let’s start!

What is ReactJS?

ReactJS is the most popular JavaScript library for making user interfaces specifically for single-page applications. This framework was built by Facebook to quickly create applications with minimal code writing. The ReactJS was made for the purpose of the most productive rendering. It differs from other frameworks as it focuses on the individual components of the project. The product itself can be broken down into smaller components to make it easier to create an app or a site.

1. Component approach. It is just salvation in some cases. Everything in the user interface are the elements and you can make them as small as you want. The component is just a function of JavaScript, that’s how convenient it is. Every good developer knows that small classes, modules are easier to understand, test, and further support. Creating React components is as easy as working with them. Components can be reused, learned from each other, and composed. A component is a so-called building unit with which an interface is created.

2. React Hooks. This is an improved management condition. Until recently, React developers had only two ways to specify a state: to define a local state in a component or to use frameworks that allowed state management. So React introduced its Hooks API in version 16.8. The biggest advantage of Hooks is that they allow you to divide the state logic between components without changing the architecture of the entire block of code. Along with this, Hooks allow you to reuse logic between components without changing its structure. And not less important for developers, Hooky eliminates the need to write a class for each component.

3. Use of a virtual DOM. One of the greatest benefits is the use of virtual DOM. DOM is an object model of the document; it is a logical structure of a file in the <HTML> format. The main problem with the traditional design of the DOM is the way changes are processed, the data entered by the user. The server constantly checks for the differences that cause this change to give the required response. React refreshes only the changed parts of the page.

4. Ability to write cross-platform mobile app directly on IOS and Android. The React Native library is used for this goal. Everyone can now see it by visiting the page on Facebook or Instagram.

5. Stable code. For stable operation of the code, ReactJS uses a descending data stream. For what, you may ask? In this case, when the child structure makes some minor changes, it is not reflected in the parent structure. When making changes, the engineer only needs to change the state of the object, and then only certain elements will be updated. This ensures stable code operation.

Why do developers choose ReactJS?

ReactJS is an ideal framework for creating applications. Its strength is the interaction with the user through the product interface. Statistics have long shown that companies that use of ReactJS have more interest in the market.

The peculiarity of ReactJS is that it allows the developer to break the complex interface and allows you to work on selected elements. The goal of ReactJS is to make the most productive rendering. And it does it by emphasizing certain points. In general, ReactJS greatly simplifies the work by breaking down the interface into simpler components. This is the hearth that so attracts developers around the world.

ReactJS is among the top frameworks in the world. It is a new solution for making mobile and interface applications, but immediately became a favorite tool for many users of JavaScript.

How to hire a ReactJS Development Company?

The first step is research.

To begin with, you need to get acquainted with the companies that offer their services, and there are many of them on the web market. So how to choose at least a few options from a bunch of companies? Only by visiting their sites and evaluating the design, you can choose a few. In addition, read reviews about the company, see who they have worked with, their projects. So you can find a company that suits you and that shares your idea and spirit.

Next is the interview. That step is to conduct an interview. Actually, it is very responsible because you can learn about the applicant’s experience, his professional and communication skills. Getting acquainted with his portfolio, there you will see what he has already worked on and in what field he has the experience, because it can happen that suddenly your project is not quite in his specifics. If he does not have a portfolio, it shows that the developer has just started his career, and here you decide whether to entrust your project to a newcomer and take a risk or look for a professional (but do not agree to a newcomer because of low pay for his services, everyone knows that the miser pays twice).

In addition, ask the developer during the interview about various technical tasks to check how quickly he thinks and whether he understands the topic of discussion. But knowledge of only one ReactJS will not be enough. We constantly need to improve. It is very good when the developer perfectly understands JavaScript, HTML, CSS, JSX, ES6, Git, Node + npm, and Redux. During your conversation, pay attention to how the person behaves. It’s about communication. Of course, the developer will have to work with other people and it is extremely important that he will be able to have a correct conversation, without pressure to explain what he requires, to accept constructive criticism. Communication is an important element in the atmosphere of teamwork.

Competitive rates. There are many companies on the market with different pricing policies. Here you have to start with your budget, web development is not cheap in general, so you will have to pay decently for the work. But then again, you are investing in the future, grabbing the cheapest company that is nothing but time and money. Decisive for you should be the idea of the product and the company that could implement it, and you will definitely find a developer among so many proposals.

Connection with the development company. You need to make sure that the work on the product is progressing in the right direction, so do not hesitate to ask for reports on the work. Each step must be clearly understood and discussed with you. You can communicate through social networks, video calls, and SMS.

1. WillowTree. The company exists since 2008. It all started with three employees, and now the staff has 500+ people who do hundreds of projects. The company’s goal: to create a high-quality competitive product, to make a “wow” effect, thanks to their skills. The company will be with the customer from the beginning to the end of the creation process (and even further!).

The list of satisfied customers is growing at an incredible rate, and old customers are still turning to create new projects.

2. STRV. The company has been operating since 2004. Their philosophy is a perfect collaboration of design and code. And it really works, for more than 15 years the company has held a leading position in the market. This company, which develops web and mobile applications, offers valuable results by offering customized solutions to business problems. Their working methodology includes optimized processes, and they focus on agile practices to achieve results.

3. Perpetual. This company uses the hottest trends in the products created. Their clients are mega large corporations and startups in various fields. Perpetual uses best practices from user experience and software development to create a great digital experience. They are also one of the best React developers in 2020.


So, in this article, I shared with you my thoughts on why ReactJS is a great solution for your products. There are many developers on the market today that offer their services. I have written tips to help you move in the right direction. Then you decide which ReactJS development company to choose.

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