How To Choose the Best Water Heater

Published on February 16, 2021
Water Heater
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Hot water is an underappreciated commodity, yet many homesteads can hardly do without it. Even though hot water is a source of comfort, it can take up to 20 percent of your household budget. After all, water has to be heated by all means necessary. 

However, there are some few things about water heaters worth highlighting: 

  • The concept of a water heater dates back to 1868 
  • The average water heater lasts for 10 to 13 years 
  • Unheated water has an average of 50 degrees Fahrenheit
  • A high-efficiency energy heater can bring down your energy costs by 10-50 per cent. 

In many homesteads, water heaters are ignored until they break or when energy costs hit the roof. At this point, you’ll probably be thinking of how you should replace your water heater since you can hardly go without enjoying a hot shower. With the right water heater, your homestead will derive the benefits of cost-effective and reliable hot water. 

If you’re on the verge of purchasing a water heater, some useful tips will help you make an informed choice. 

Assess Your Needs

Before you acquire a water heater, you need to assess your domestic hot water needs. In this case, you have to determine the number of people living in your household and their water consumption habits. 

Do underestimate your water consumption needs as you might end up in a situation where there is no hot water at your disposal. If overestimated, your energy bills will probably get out of hand. 

Water Quality 

The water quality is directly proportional to the lifespan of your water heater. If the water is too hard, the heating element may be affected by scaling. Aggressive water is associated with tank corrosion. 

The best way out of this conundrum is to purchase a water heater with a Steatite heating element. This element is often coated with an enameled steel sleeve, which creates natural protection for the appliance. 

Which Model Suits Your Needs? 

There are two probable options you can choose from: an electric water heater or a solar water heater. An electric water heater is often the most straightforward solution because it’s cost-effective and easy to install. If you go for the most modern units, these appliances are designed to adapt to your consumption patterns.  

Unlike an electric water heater, a solar water heater can subsidize your domestic hot water costs by 50 to 70%. However, this option requires additional space and a roof that is specifically adapted to solar collectors. 


A water heater is as important as any other appliance in your homestead. Therefore, you need to choose a water heater with a longer-warranty period. On average, warranty for water heaters typically runs 3 to 12 years. 

If you opt to go for the longer-warranty models, you’ll have to pay a bit more. 

As you’ve seen, there are numerous factors of consideration that come into play before you purchase a water heater. Your choice should be based upon what offers the best value for money. If you make the right choice, you will benefit from the best performance and efficiency you can get from a water heater.

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