It was hilarious when this grandmother used Google Home Mini for the first time

Published on December 31, 2017

One of the best ways to receive major attention for a technologically-driven product is slick advertisements. However, they can often get tedious and boring. In a time like this, when a random viral video pops up online, it surely helps.

The real-world settings make it all the funnier. On the similar line, a video posted a day after Christmas, i.e. 26th December by YouTube user called Ben Actis showcases his 85-year-old Italian grandmother reacting to Google Home Mini smart home speaker.

In her Florida home, the 85-year-old Italian grandmother can be seen encountering the Google Home Mini smart-home speaker for the first time. Most would be aware of how hilarious it can get when newbies and technically-backward individuals come in contact with new innovations.

As noted by Digital Trends, the grandmother can be seen asking, “What is this thing?” She is then encouraged by her grandson to make use of Google’s smart speaker for a spin. She is informed that in order to activate it, she is required to say, “Ok, Google” before each of her sentences. Despite the grandson to say ‘Ok, Google,’ she keeps repeating, “Ok, Goo, Goo.” Soon enough, it ends up springing into action. Much to the delight of most in the room, it starts responding to the grandmother.

The major highlight of the video is when the grandmother asks Google Home Mini, what the local weather will be the next day. The speaker quickly offers a brief forecast and the grandmother doesn’t quite believe that such a thing would even be possible. She can be seen as being surprised. Confused and a little shocked, she climbs out of her chair, takes a few steps back, and utters, “It’s a mystery,” before adding, “I’m scared.”

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