HeyDay Wireless On-Ear Headphones

Published on March 28, 2019

Among the multitude of products that Target offers to its customers the company is now offering a line of electronics under the brand HeyDay. The HeyDay brand from Target has recently released their line of electronic products, the first being their wireless on-ear headphones.

At a reasonable price of $60, the Heyday Wireless On-Ear Headphones are surprisingly good for their price. With a sturdy design and lightweight chasis, it is light enough to not feel like a burden yet heavy enough to stay in place. The design also extends to the incredibly comfortable earcups, thanks to the extended padding. The overall design of the product is nothing special, but stylish nonetheless.

As for sound quality, they are quite good for a pair of $60 headphones. Although there is not a lot of bass in these headphones, they have a very clear and sparkly treble. The sound quality is very clear and the treble is incredibly detailed, making it great for casual listening.

However, due to the less-than-stellar bass, HeyDay’s wireless headphones are not the optimal choice for people looking for extreme bass.

Moving onto functionality, these headphones have nothing special, but all of the essentials that you have come to expect in a pair of wireless headphones. They come with a dedicated power button that helps pause and play music as well as answers and ends calls.

The other two buttons on the headphones are to control the volume, which also helps change tracks. The headphones also support a 3.5mm headphone jack input in case you want a wired hearing experience.

HeyDay’s On-Ear Wireless headphones are fairly powerful along with an elegant design. The headphones also come with essential buttons and a dedicated 3.5 mm input jack. While HeyDay’s debut wireless headphones may not be making waves on the market, they are certainly good headphones for their price.

Photo credit: Target

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