‘Hey Google’ hotword is officially rolling out to all users

Published on December 19, 2017

The phrase ‘Ok, Google’ was first introduced for Android through the official Search app. For years, it listened to voice commands in different languages and carried out functions. As time passed by, the feature was carried forward to Google’s digital voice Assistant. The artificial intelligence (AI) powered voice assistant is the primary feature of Google’s smart home device, Home. The device came with the ability to listen to ‘Hey Google’ in addition to ‘Ok, Google’ as well. Google did this with the effort to make the conversation between the owners and the device less awkward.

Hey Google

It was not until October this year that the search-giant began rolling out ‘Hey Google’ hotword beta version on select smartphones. The feature was limited to a specific number of devices. At that time, it only worked for a handful of people. According to a report by Android Police, the feature is now apparently available for all users globally. Android smartphone users will be faced with a notification that asks them to re-setup the voice model on their respective devices.

This set-up is essential for the new command to function smoothly. The changes have begun appearing in most Android smartphones around the world. For those who haven’t received it yet, must wait for a couple of days more to witness the complete roll-out.

To re-setup, the voice model, click on the ‘Settings’ option, move on to ‘Google Search’ and select the ‘Voice’ option. Smartphone users can either choose, ‘Ok, Google,’ or ‘Hey, Google’ for that matter. After that, click open ‘Google Search/Assistant.’ The surprising part of the new change is that it is functional even when the screen is asleep. It works just like the old phrase. Therefore, users won’t find a lot of difficulties either.

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‘Hey Google’ hotword is officially rolling out to all users
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