Here’s What I Was Thinking a Decade Ago, According to Google’s Records

Published on January 2, 2020

The last decade was eventful, particularly in the field of technology. People are sharing their recent images with the image before ten years. The looks change with time, and posting these images does not make any sense. So, I got a new way to showcase the changes that I have been through in the last decade. A Reddit user suggested me to compare the search result that you made through Google a decade ago to the recent searches. So finally, I decided to complete the task. So, here is my experience of the digital activities that I used to do a decade ago. 

Image Credit: The Verge

How to Do It?

The procedure of living your past is very simple, and anyone can do that; if it is not time traveling. You need to visit the My Activity Page on Google and click the + symbol to provide a time-frame. Here I am only looking for the activities before the February 2010; you can choose yours. 

The biggest surprise for me came at first sight, as I noticed that I did not use Google on the New Year day; surprising isn’t it. The first change that I noticed is I was not addicted to smartphones or the internet those days. Then I saw some searches related to some locations, which means I was using the internet for some serious work, not like today. I have searched about certain job profiles and their locations; yes, like many of you, I was desperately searching for a job at that time. 

I was searching for a photo studio in my location, but these days one rarely searches for a photo studio. The emergence of the smartphone camera has completely washed away the printing photo industry. 

In conclusion, I find that I was using the internet for productive activities, unlike in recent times. 

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