Harman Kardon Esquire Mini 2 Bluetooth Speaker

Published on March 22, 2019

Bluetooth Speakers are a lot more necessary than most people expect. With phone, tablet, and laptop manufacturers no longer focusing on the quality of their speakers, portable Bluetooth speakers have become all the more necessary in our daily lives. And very few portable speakers come close to the Harman Kardon Esquire Mini 2.

The Esquire Mini 2 comes in a sleek and portable design to fit your more professional aesthetic needs. Coming in three different colors: black, blue, white, gold, and brown, these colors offer you a lot more customization options. The Esquire Mini 2 features a very simplistic yet elegant design that focuses more on function.

Harman Kardon brings a variety of features to the Esquire Mini 2 including proper Bluetooth 4.2 support. Bluetooth is the future of connectivity and Harman Kardon understands this as they provide proper Bluetooth support.

That is not to say that this speaker completely depends on Bluetooth to connect to mobile devices, as it also comes with Aux support in case your device doesn’t have Bluetooth connection.

The slim and slender design of the Esquire Mini 2 does not come at the cost of sound, as even this small speaker packs quite a punch. Sporting an 8W speaker the Esquire Mini 2 manages to give off quite the powerful sound.

What is more impressive than the sound of the speaker is its incredible battery capacity. Carrying over 2,000 mAh of battery, the speaker acts as a power bank and can play 10 hours of music.

The speaker also comes with a built-in dedicated mic that can make conference calls and other tasks all the more convenient. Harman Kardon have truly outdone themselves with their Esquire Mini 2. The sleek and slender design makes it compact and elegant, without looking too fancy. Moreover, its powerful speakers and immense battery capacity makes it great for people that are constantly on the move.

Photo credit: Harman Kardon



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