A happy 25th anniversary to text messages

Published on December 4, 2017

The moment is so unique as it is now 25 years when the first text message was sent. It was Engineer Neil Papworth who transmitted the first SMS on December 3rd, 1992 and that was for Vodafone’s director Rochard Jarvis. The text message was “Merry Christmas” which Mr. Papworth wrote on a computer then sent it to Jarvis’s cellphone. Since that day text messages came in front and now it has turned the most common and easiest way to communicate. Instead of having a long hour telephonic communication people prefers message conversation.

It was a modest start that changed the technology and even the social norms. After a long time, people adopted text messages as a medium to communicate, and that may be due to lack of services in cellular networks and because of phones whose buttons revolved around dialing rather than typing. After a long time smartphone arrived with the feature to text and type. A report for the US states that the volume of messages increased 12.5 billion per month in 2006 and after a year it was 45 billion. By June 2017, there were almost 781 billions of message circulation all across the nation.

Message conversation was natural than the vocal discussion because of which it spread rapidly among population and people started loving it. For a very long messages were treated as very rude but later it turned out as the best way to communicate. Messages are now just the medium to communicate with instead it is a medium of promotion or advertisement as well.

The importance of text messages is still growing as you can see the latest update of Twitter in which the company raised the Tweet character limit from 140 to 280 words which indicate that the need of text messages has been increased. A right combination of words can be much better than a line of spoken words.

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