Google’s new initiative to bring Chromebooks and Wi-Fi to school buses

Published on April 3, 2018

Search giant Google is reportedly planning on bringing its ‘Rolling Study Halls’ initiative to more users. The company plans to expand it to users. In other words, the firm wants to work on making the initiative more accessible to the wider audience. In a similar effort, the Alphabet Inc-backed company took to its official website to announce the general expansion of its ‘Rolling Study Halls’ initiative.

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In a post that showed up Monday, April 2, the firm explained how the action was going to benefit school-going children. The company has reportedly been testing the program for over two years. To recall, the first slew of reports regarding Google testing the latest program showed up online back in 2016. According to a report published by Android Headlines, the program is expected to be available to the audience only from two school districts. Whether the search giant plans on making the program available for more users or not, is something that time will tell. The firm has made it official that they plan on expanding their reach to other schools as well.

On the contrary, the search giant has also made it official that the program is not only coming to Deer Trail School District, which is located in Colorado. However, adding to this, the company also plans on making the ‘Rolling Study Halls’ program available to sixteen other school districts in due course. The schedule or timetable has not yet been made available for those who are interested. As per the post published by Google, they hope that the impact of the expansion will view several students reclaiming over 1.5 million hours toward the end of this year. However, these results would end up getting lost in transition.

For those who aren’t aware, Google’s ‘Rolling Study Halls’ is specifically designed to ensure that students are making the best use of their time, especially while traveling. It is often discovered that students end up spending a lot of time while traveling in the buses to and from school and home.

They end up wasting a lot of time, staring at nothing or probably scrolling through social networking platforms. “Therefore, the intuitive not only includes equipping school buses in these districts with Wi-Fi but also Chromebooks for use by students on the daily commute,” a report by Android Headlines reads. Google wants to allow students to have an opportunity to make better use of their commute time. However, ensuring that students make the most use of their commute time, is not the only motivation behind the project. The search giant also goes on to point out how ‘Rolling Study Halls’ is specifically designed to mitigate against an issue wherein some students don’t even have access to the internet outside of school premises.

In the announcement on their website, the search giant further goes on to explain that they hope to replicate the results that have already been seeing during the pilot stages of the project. The list not only includes students as having more time during their commute period to catch up on class work but also gain an opportunity to improve themselves for school in general.

Google further notes that the early indications include a reduction in the number of disciplinary issues and higher levels of student management within a classroom. One of the resources, which has been providing as a part of the initiative, is an “onboard educator” on each of the busses. The “onboard educator” will not only present the students with solutions to technical issues but also help them solve problems in specific assignments. The search giant is looking to emulate the classroom experience on a whole new level.

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