Google’s great show at CES lacked uniqueness

Published on January 11, 2018

Google has not been the kind to be noticed at Consumer Electronics Show each year. The search giant would ideally have staff, take meetings, make deals and work with partners at the event but not have a full-fledged, solo performance like most other companies.


To be put in simpler words, Google lacked public presence. However, things changed quite a bit this year. The company ended up taking over Las Vegas with its endless ads and billboards, each and every one of it highlighting Google Assistant.

According to a report published by The Verge, Google even ended up conducting a three-story installation in the parking lot of Las Vegas Convention Center. All these efforts were pushed towards the promotion of Google Assistant. They wanted to ensure that CES this year was from Google Assistant and not Amazon Alexa. The past couple of years surrounding CES events have mostly been about Amazon Alexa.

The structure showcased a large variety of products that make use of Google Assistant – all the way from smart home speakers to smart wearables and kitchen appliances. The company even provided a tour of Assistant demos to media representatives and interested attendees, which showcased the Assistant-enabled device in its full glory. Needless to say, it was proven that the smart home gadgets could control the lights and appliances, turning on a specific show through Chromecast on TVs or even tell you what your next appointment on the calendar is.

The multiple demos ended up showing different ways through which one could possibly use Assistant throughout their days. Individuals are required to have all the relevant connections and the devices that support Assistant as well. However, there wasn’t anything special about Google’s show. “While Google did demo a lot of smart home control via the Assistant, what it didn’t show me was anything remarkably different from what could be done with Amazon’s Alexa or other platforms,” notes The Verge.

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Google Image Credit- The Verge
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