Google working on a successor to Android

Published on July 27, 2018

It is more than two years, Google with a small secret group of engineers has been working continuously on new software, and they hope that this software will be replacing the Android in the future. Android is currently the world’s dominant mobile operating system.

The name of the new project that the Google is working is known as Fuchsia, and it has been started from the scratch to overcome the limitations of the Android which is said to be more personal devices along with other gadgets which come online. The project is designed in such a way that it accommodates voice interactions, frequent security updates and to look at the same range of devices from the laptops to small internet sensors.


According to Sundar Pichai, who is the Google Chief Executive Officer has now set a goal for the company in which the company is now looking forward towards the artificial intelligence services which can reach the consumers who are present all over the world.

As per the members of the Fuchsia, they have discussed a grand plan which is now being reported for the very first time.  It creates a single operating system that is capable of running in all the company’s in-house gadgets which are like Pixel phones and smart speakers along with some third-party devices which can rely on Android and another system like Chrome OS.  As per some people, they said that the company wants to embed Fuchsia on the connected home devices and they include voice-controlled speakers which are within three years. After that, they plan to move to the larger machines like laptops.

The team is now looking forward to swapping the Android system which is currently powering about more than three-quarters of the world’s smartphones.  But as per some sources, Pichai and Hiroshi Lockheimer along with the deputy who runs Android and Chrome have not signed any roadmap for Fuchsia. Android is a subject of regulatory scrutiny along with some legal disputes for the company, and it means that the software will be monitored closely.

The new initiative which was taken by the company was to focus on better competing with Google chief smartphone rival, and they are Apple iPhone. Android nearly takes about 85 per cent market shares, and Apple makes about 15 per cent. But when it comes to the update, Apple releases a new version of the operating system and its users update the same, but most of the Android users don’t do it.

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