Google updated its monetization and ads policy: Must Read

Published on December 4, 2017

Google has updated its monetization and ads policy in favor of both developer and user and tried to keep the User interface clean and monetizing too for the developer. We all know that there are various apps on Google Play Store which irrigates after getting downloaded, they show pop-up adds, lock screen ads and in-app ads. So for that Google has updated its policies which are listed below.

Google took steps to skip the annoying ads which developers serve with their app to seek for more clicks and install on their ads. There are various Ads on Play Store which are free of cost to gain the survival they earn using in-app ads. While other apps take subscription charges or one-time payment which helps the developer in making money from the app without showing advertisements.

  • Given below are the bulletins which Google has added to its monetization and ads policy of the apps.
  • Google prohibits lock screen advertisements for all applications unless it is a launcher or lock screen app. With this Google says “Ads must only be displayed within the app serving them.” This clarifies that the apps which are workless for the lock screen.
  • Google bans applications which simulate or impersonate user interface (UIT) of another apps or notifications window of an operating system using advertisements.
  • The company warns app developers against deceptive advertisements which makes false claims.
  • Google restricted the type of ads for a specific age group and said the ads should be appropriate as according to the age group.
  • Google will kick off the apps which serve full-screen ads and makes all the actions disabled to go back.
  • Google makes it mandatory to warn users against app with advertisements.

Google Policies says “If an app uses full-screen advertisements to interfere with normal use, they must be easily dismissible without penalty.” This will surely give a better user interface to all the users and will help app developers to serve ads in a good manner.

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