Google trying hard to stay ahead of Amazon at CES, 2018

Published on January 10, 2018

Amazon’s Alexa digital voice assistant was the ultimate attraction of last year’s Consumer Electronics Show. Even though the e-commerce giant did not make such an incredible presentation, their Echo smart-home speaker was perceived positively by the audience. Device manufacturers started working towards baking the Alexa digital voice assistant into their smart home products. It appears like Google wants to snatch that title away from Amazon this time.

Amazon Alexa’s arch-rival Google Assistant is being promoted in every way possible noted Recode. The search giant has purchased all the possible video billboards at Las Vegas’ Strip to showcase “Hey, Google” Assistant ads on repeat. The company has even sponsored the Las Vegas Monorail and moving vehicles to be wrapped up in “Hey, Google” ads.

The firm has structured a booth outside the Las Vegas Convention Center, wherein they are announcing and showcasing their products. The company already made numerous announcements regarding possible Google Assistant integrations. The range of products wherein Google Assistant is going to show up include smart locks, non-kitchen TVs, kitchen TVs, speakers, headphones and even in-car entertainment systems.

It is already being assumed that Amazon “is running away with the future of voice-based computing and search – perhaps the next great operating system,” noted Recode. If this actually turns out to be true, then this could end up badly for Google. The report by Recode suggests that perhaps, Google and Amazon must consider building products together.

“This seems like an advantage Google would have, as the company whose mission is to “organize the world’s information” and builder of many great internet services,” the report reads. Amazon has already gone way beyond anyone’s expectations in terms of their achievements. But given that the tirade between Google and Amazon just doesn’t seem to end, such a thing is far from taking place.

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Google at CES 2018
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