Google tracks location Data even if the users turn if off

Published on August 20, 2018

The smartphone service of Google store user’s locations is even if when the privacy settings are adjusted to shut the features off. This has been out by the report from the Associated Press.

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The company has asked the permission for the users to share the location information about the applications. It usually does not halt the tracking services when the users pause the Location History, as per the AP study. Google Maps usually take the information when the user opens the app, and it automatically updates the weather of the location on Android phones. It is seen that it give an approximation of the user location. These findings are confirmed by the researchers of the Computer-Science at Princeton University.

As per the Google Official message, it said that it is going to promote the autonomy when it comes to deciding the information to share. You can able to turn off the Location History at any time, but with the Location History off, the places that you can go to are no longer stored.  But this AP is said to be false as even if you pause the Location History, Google apps automatically store the time-stamped location data without your permission.

The Location history of the Google Product entirely depends on opt-in, as the users have the controls to edit or turn it off at any time or can delete too, as said by the company in a statement to Bloomberg. As the story notes that we can make it sure that the Location History users usually know that when they can disable the product. It uses location to improve the Google experience when they do the things which are like Google search or use of Google for driving directions.

It is seen that the search engine giant Google derives a significant revenue with the help of advertising which is bolstered by the user-generated data providing information. It is useful for the advertisers. Google has recently said that the advertising business has grown to about 24 per cent in the second quarter, by pushing the Alphabet’s total revenue minus the partner payouts to about $26.24 billion. As per Sunday Pichai, who is the Google Chief Executive Officer said that currently, the company is trying to explore the new ways to place the promoted content along with the advertisements to the Map Services.

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