Google to add hearing aid support for future Android

Published on August 21, 2018

It is seen that the hearing aids along with the Bluetooth headsets have got a lot in common. The other mobile operating system like iOS has already been supporting this feature. This was discovered that the hearing aid support was in the way which is alongside the G.722 codec which is towards the end of the last year. It will help the users to stream the audio to their respective Bluetooth enabled hearing aids. Till now this is not have been added to the latest Android P software also, but now Google has announced its partnership with the GN Hearing to bring the hearing aid support to all future versions of Android.

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In an article, Google has published the Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids (ASHA) on Bluetooth Low Energy Connection-Oriented Channels which is for hearing the aid specifications as well. It will ensure that the users will get a low latency with high-quality experience which is accompanied with a minimal impact on the battery life. Google has made some plan for the future which is to continuously update the ASHA for the better implementation of this short version of the Android. This version is not available for now but the company is working hard to bring this feature as soon as possible, The Company has gone with a partnership with the GN Hearing which is to simply make sure that the needs of all the users should meet.

If this happens, then it will for the first time that Android smartphones will stream the audio directly to the hearing aids. As we can see that many people use Android smartphones and they have become an essential element in everyone’s life if this feature comes to it then it will be a very big step up in helping the people. It will help the people who all use the hearing aids as they will be integrated with the smartphone revolution with the wave of the services as well as applications that may come with the use of mobile devices.

As per the World Health Organisation, it said that around 466 million people had got the disabling hearing loss. This number will rise to around 900 million by the year 2050. So to support them, it is high time that Android should start supporting them as well. iPhone devices already support the hearing aids.

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