Google pulls out YouTube from the Amazon devices, the escalation spat

Published on December 7, 2017

A rare public spat that happened recently with the technology industry got escalated on last Tuesday when Google said that they are about to block their video streaming application, known as YouTube from two of the Inc devices and also criticized them for not selling out the Google hardware.


The feud is now the latest within the Silicon Valley, and it is about to put the customers in a crossfire with the major competitors. The Google and Amazon, which are owned by the Alphabet Inc, square off in many of the areas, starting from the online search and cloud computing, to selling the voice-controlled gadgets like the Amazon Echo Show and the Google Home.

The stakes are at present high, and many experts coming from the technology industry have been expecting that by interacting with the computers through voice will become a widespread one very soon, and it is unclear about who would dominate the whole space, whether it would Amazon or the Google. The amazon’s suite of voice controlled devices have sold out great when compared to the ones that are produced by the Google, said a recent study by the research firm eMarketer in this academic year.

In their latest official statement, the Google has said that the Amazon does not carry over any of their Google products like the Google Home, Chromecast and much more, which brings that fact that the Prime video from the Amazon is not available for the Google cast users, and in the previous month they have completely stopped selling out the Nest’s latest products.

Amazon replied to this official statement from Google, saying that Google has been setting up a disappointing precedent by blocking down the essential customer access to any of their open website. This particular kick and break between the two companies have been going on for a more extended period.

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