Google plans its Google Station service to go live for cities in India

Published on December 5, 2017

After giving a high-speed internet access at more than 200 railway stations in India, Google is pointing an eye to set up its Google Station for various cities across the country. Caeser Sengupta, Vice President of Product Management and NBU (Next Billion Users) at Google addressed the success of public Wi-Fi programme in last Google for Indian 2017 event which held in New Delhi.

Google Station

Mr. Sengupta added that over 7.5 million users are leveraging high-speed internet access using the Google Station programme in India. He said that the plan provides internet to 227 stations in the country out of which 22 will go live latest by this month. He mentioned that now the company wants to link all 400 stations with Google Station as it was planned in the late year 2016.

“Google Station is helping connect more people to the affordable and reliable Internet. Public Wi-Fi hotspots, we believe, are the internet cafe of the mobile generation – a daily place where you go to get high-quality internet to download videos and apps, whatever you choose to do. And even with the amazing progress on expanding mobile Internet in India, we are still finding that public Wi-Fi remains a crucial step in getting high-quality, affordable internet to everyone,” Sengupta said, adding, “And now Google Station is expanding outside of railway stations, into cities and other countries like Indonesia.”

Google covered 53 stations with its Google Station in September for which the company got a positive response. At the end of December 2016, the group included more than 100 stations with the public Wi-Fi facility and took an aim to cover all 400 stations by the end of 2018.

It is not India for which Google is putting its Google Stations while in Indonesia as well the company started placing the public Wi-Fi. It was August of the current year when some local stations of Indonesia got equipped with Google Station facility.

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Google Station
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