Google plans to appoint 10,000 employees to review video content on YouTube

Published on December 5, 2017

If you are a tech follower, then you might be aware of the last incident happened on YouTube. Some favourite advertisers like Adidas and others stopped paying for advertisements on YouTube because of the poor child content. The company asked YouTube to remove the videos which show an intense hurt to the children to create a family-friendly environment. YouTube took a quick action over that and deleted millions of videos.

Youtube App

Now Google is planning to upgrade its YouTube’s machine algorithms to perform much better in finding the wrong videos and to put them down as quickly as possible. YouTube chief Susan Wojcicki detailed how the platform is planning to track the videos it hosts. Wojcicki said the company has begun training its algorithms about the safety measure of a video upload and are also preparing to detect hate speech.

The company will now train its algorithms that which video needs to stay or which needs to be removed. YouTube says that its machine-algorithms help to take down 70% of the violent extremist content within eight hours of upload. And the company will now train the algorithms to perform more quickly than ever.

Also of this training, the company is planning to appoint 10,000 employees to monitor the content violation on YouTube. With this new team, the company will make further guidelines that which channel needs to be free for monetization and which should not. Also which video needs to be removed or which needs to stay.

As of now, YouTube has made it mandatory to have a total of 10,000 views collectively on a channel to begin monetization. It seems like the officials will expand the criteria for reviewing a video and “ensure ads are only running where they should.” Stay tuned for more updates like this.

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