Google ends up missing one or two Android security patches

Published on April 12, 2018

Android smartphones are reportedly popular for receiving slower updates. Take, for example, Google’s latest update that was released back in February. Reportedly, only 1.1 percent of the Android users had access to the newest version of the software. However, the problems with Android’s software updates do not necessarily limit it releasing late or early. There are several underlying problems that go on to affect the Android operating system. According to the latest research pushed forward by Research firm, Security Research Labs is going onto claim that numerous Android smartphone manufacturers end up lying to users about multiple missed security patches. The researchers from the firm Karsten Nohl along with Jakob Lell ended up spending two years analyzing Android devices. The researchers went on to check if the smartphones had security patches installed on the software operating systems.

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They further went on to discover that many of the devices that were called ‘patch gap,’ where the smartphone’s software would end up claiming that it had been up to date as far as security patches. According to a report WIRED, Security Research Labs went on test firmware from over 1,200 smartphones from technology giants including Google, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LTE and TCL for every Android patch went on to release sometime last year. They went on to discover that even major flagship smartphone manufacturers including Samsung and Google end up missing a piece now and then.

The Android smartphone players, it seems are busy launching newer flagship smartphones. Take, for example, LG only recently appointed a new CEO. As can be recalled, they took the call sometime toward the end of last year. Now, it appears that the technology giant is keen on getting a better direction when it comes to strolling out a signal. The Chinese technology giant it seems has better and newer ideas when it comes to its mobile business. Therefore, they have kick-opened their doors open for a new whole new Software Upgrade Center. “LG is keen to signal a better director for its mobile business and has today opened the doors to a new Software Upgrade Center,” a report by The Verge states. Apart from this, even Intel went forward and made a new announcement regarding their possible introduction.

We are already aware that Intel wants to return to the dedicated GPU market. However, we were reportedly led to believe that it was his plan would necessarily be revolving around designing a GPU for data centers. These plans, yet, are set to extend to the PC gaming space as soon as possible. It is meant to compete with other graphics chip manufacturers including Nvidia and AMD toward the end of 2020. The latest report carries all the essential details about the next-generation LG G7 ThinQ smartphone. The device developer will officially be unveiling its G7 ThinQ smartphone at an event on May 2. However, leading leaks and speculations already reveal a great deal of the data about the upcoming smartphone. According to a recent report by Android Headlines, the LG G7 smartphone will be home to a notch screen design that users can toggle off if they don’t necessarily like it. The smartphone will reportedly be home to two 16-megapixel cameras which will come located on the rear side.

Meanwhile, Google is currently in the headlines for being rumored to be working on a new version of Gmail service. It appears that the search giant is working on releasing more unique features to its platform in the coming days. However, the same has not been confirmed by the firm as well.

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