Google employees join hands to combat cyber-bullying

Published on March 31, 2018

According to a recent report, roughly 100 of Google employees based in the U.S. are concerned about the cyber-bullying issue that is taking place for the last couple of months. The group has organized a group proposing newer policies for the conduct of the unit of Alphabet Inc to fight the growing problem.


Five people who are associated with this cause have already come forward with their official confirmations regarding the matter. Three out of these five employees are currently working with Google; meanwhile, the other two are helping the members organize the strategy towards achieving this goal. As per the official statements provided by them, they are working towards ensuring that the company tightens rules of conduct for internal forums and hire staff to enforce them.

They further went on to state that they wish to stop the inflammatory conversations tagged along with personal attacks that usually take place on forums. The group is seeking a strict punishment for individuals who regularly derail discussions and leak conversations in public.

If reports are believed to be accurate, then the company will also be urging Google to list out all the rights and responsibilities for accusers, defendants, managers, and investigators in the human resource case. “The group also desires greater protection for employees targeted by what it views as insincere complaints to human resources used as a bullying tactic and goading,” a report by NDTV Gadgets 360 stated.

The organizers have gone on to the extent of stating that Google should be more attuned to when people are seeking to stir animosity amidst them. They have expressed views opposite the company’s reported values several times. However, the news hasn’t exactly been up to the mark, and their impression has dramatically been impactful.

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