Google Assistant will now help you in joining your smartphone with smart home devices

Published on December 11, 2017

If you own multiple home devices, then you might have faced difficulties in connecting all of them to your smartphone. The different brands and different apps for them feel like sticky. The problem increases when you need to link all the home devices to all the household smartphones present in the house. To reduce that hassle Google has made some changes in its Google Assistant that will help you to synchronize your home devices easily.


Image Source- Android Police

We cannot say that the problem is solved entirely, but the latest auto-synchronization using Google Assistant will help you in saving your time and efforts. With the new voice command, you can even actually join your home devices with your smartphone.

Now you just need to give a voice command saying “sync my devices” to your Google Assistant and will help you in joining your available smart home devices. You all might have faced the joint issues, and the re-joining is the only option we have in that case. That process of disconnecting and then re-connecting will be no more on your path. For example, if you have a Google Home smart device at your home then you just need to ask your Google Assistant to connect your phone with that speaker by saying “Sync my device.”

Then Google Assistant will automatically trace the available devices nearby and will connect to it. And whenever there is any difficulty appears, Google Assistant will let you know how to join your home devices with your smartphone. We hope that this would help you in your daily life. Also, we appreciate the step taken by Google officials.

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