Google Assistant Gets a big Note-Taking to Revamp, With Support for Several Apps

Published on December 7, 2019

After the new updates, the users of Google Assistant can now create shopping lists in Bring, Google Keep, and more. The creation of shopping is an amazing feature that one can use with Voice Assistant. For example, the user can now say Hey Google, add mill in the shopping list to keep the remainder. In the year 2017, Google reduced some features of Google Assistant when Google cutout Google Keep and put Google Express. 

Image Credit: Arstechnica

The Updates Are Still Coming

Google is still integrating new features into its Google Assistant app. As per the latest report, the company will introduce note-taking features soon. With this, users can easily choose from different apps. For example, Bring,, and Google Keep. Besides, you can mix up different lists without maintaining a single file. You just any name you want, and Google will create the list. On the other side, the saved file will also pop-up on Smart Display. 

Let’s Know About Google Express

Well, this integration was a complete mess. This does not even work live Google Keep. Some users also lost the ability to record the items. The feature hosted shopping list can make your list into a massive advertisement, including search links next to the items. It will further encourage the users to use the USD 95 yearly shipping service of Google. 

To create the new feature, all you need to connect the Google Assistant with the note creation app. Go to the service section located inside the settings of the Assistant. After that, you need to choose a service name. For the Assistance setting, open the Google app, then click on more. Now visit the setting and tap on Google Assistance. Then click on the service option. There you can find the Note & Lists option. The update is rolling out in batches. So, in a few days, you will get the update. 

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