Google, Amazon, and Apple Combined To Create a New CHIP For Smart Home

Published on December 19, 2019

For better humankind and to make the smart home, tech giants are now coming together for solutions. Google, Amazon, Zigbee Alliance, and Apple to make the new intelligent home standard CHIP. 

The tech giants have set up the working group for the project, and the name of the project is “Project Connect Home over IP.” The short form of the project name is CHIP, and it is confirmed with the official blog post from them. 

Image Credit: Arstechnica

What the new website refer to you all?

The new website from the company, which is, is now online. In that new website, it shows the real motivation and objective of the project. It states the primary goal of the Connected Home over IP is to make things very simple. All manufacturers can get benefit from it, and it can increase the compatibility for the consumers as well.  

But XKCD, who is known as the new standard for all and to unite them all in the right way, is like to show the results in a new thing. It makes you available that they assume all the companies will be supporting this standard and to make things easier for you all. 

If you look at the current Home ecosystem, Apple’s ecosystem works on IP and Bluetooth LE. Amazon, too, works with the Alexa program, and Echoes handles IP connections. Google also manages its series of ecosystems via various programs. 

With the programs, all the top tech giants will be making one single ecosystem so that it will benefit all the people and make their life simple. Apart from the top companies, Zigbee Alliance, who is the next big tech giant to partnering up with them too. So the project is going to be the top one for all people. 

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