General Motors to launch autonomous vehicles in 2019

Published on January 12, 2018

General Motors has gone on to reveal its ambitious plan for 2019. The automobile manufacturer recently spoke about how they plan on releasing a driver-less car sometime next year.

General Motors

The car – which will be called Cruise AV, is specifically designed to operate “safely” on its own, without the support of a driver. The vehicle will feature no steering wheels, pedals or even support for manual controls. The automobile manufacturer said that they hope their upcoming line-up helps reduce the number of road crashes and mishaps that take place each year.

According to a report published by Mirror, a General Motors spokesperson said, “Our self-driving vehicles aim to eliminate human driver error – the primary cause of 94 percent of crashes – leading to fewer injuries and fatalities.” The upcoming self-driving line-up is expected to be all-electric. This feature is intentionally integrated with the primary objective of reducing vehicle emissions and contributing to the fostering of a better environment. The vehicle will solely depend on sensors to function. These sensors will enable the automobile to sense the environment around and work accordingly.

“It is designed to identify pedestrians in a crosswalk, or an object darting suddenly into its path, and to respond accordingly. It can maneuver through construction cones, yield to emergency vehicles and react to avoid collisions,” the General Motors spokesperson further added. Once the line-up is deployed, customers can make use of their mobile apps for a test ride.

Passengers will also have the option of customizing the vehicle before it actually arrives for their delivery. This will ensure that the customers get exactly what they want. “Once inside the vehicle, passengers will find touchscreen tablets to access real-time status information about the ride,” the report by Mirror adds. Passengers will also be able to communicate with remote support personnel through the simple press of a button.

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