“Gen 4 Glocks: Next Gen Awesome or Suck?” by Nutnfancy04:33

Published on April 19, 2017

The Gen 4 Glocks brought somewhat improved better ergonomics over the 3rd Gen models. They also brought some controversy as Glock decided to mess with a combat handgun (Glock 17) with such a near perfect reliability record. This after decades of successful military and law enforcement service. Granted the Glock 22 probably needed this double captive recoil spring design as they were many complaints of it malfunctioning with weapon lights attached (LE and civilian use). But it was surprising to many, myself included, that Glock decided to change the G17 design. Apparently it was not done correctly as the first G17 Gen 4s had some issues (discussed). A spring recall program was instituted and newer version were revised. Enter 2012 and TNP testing on the latest Gen 4s. The better ergos bring an improved ambi-switchable magazine release, near perfect grip stippling, interchangeable backstraps, minor frame changes, a slightly reduced heal swell, and of course the new recoil spring. Claimed to decrease muzzle flip and recoil with some, I did not notice a big change in firing these full size Gen 4 Glocks (G17/G22). But the heart of the matter with these full size Gen 4s is reliability. With several equally proven combat handguns, do the Gen 4 Glocks stack up? Check into the video and watch them being ran hard over a period of months as the Nutnfancy verdict weighs in.///////////////////////Music licensed to TNP from: www.youtube.com/user/eldudio

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