Geekbench founder explains iPhone 6S battery fiasco

Published on December 19, 2017

There have been several performance issues with older iPhone models, specifically the iPhone 6S line-up. The troubles prevailing with Apple devices were unexplained. However, the firm was quick enough to roll out an update to fix the same. Sometime last week, it was reported that a new battery replacement could potentially solve the problem with iPhone 6S. Meanwhile, Geekbench founder, John Poole has published his findings, stating at length the link that exists between iPhone’s performance and its battery life.

Let’s recall the iPhone 6S battery fiasco

Several batches of the iPhone 6S line-up were affected by a battery issue, wherein the smartphone would drain out entirely in a very short span of time. For most, this issue was resolved through the IOS 10.2.1 update. Apple was under the impression that the battery issue was limited to several smartphones. They only later found that the problem was widespread. As noted by Poole, the issues become pronounced moving from IOS 10.2.0 to 10.2.1 to 11.2.0. Smartphone users were led to believe that the problem had been eradicated by the time iPhone 7 was launched. However, Poole concludes that the performance issues will eventually increase over time. This is mostly because of the age of the battery and significant changes made to IOS.

As noted by 9 to 5 Mac, software adjustments implemented by Apple for iPhone 7 through IOS 11.2 have led to the creation of a misleading “third state” of slower iPhone performance. This way, smartphone users tend to experience reduced performance without any notification. Their devices constantly end up being in a “low-power” mode. The firm has been believed to do this deliberately to mask a deficiency in battery power. Many are under the wrong impression that the slow-down in the battery is due to CPU performance. In actuality, it is due to the battery performance. You can check out the in-depth analysis carried out by Geekbench founder, John Poole here.

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