Gaming Star Shroud is Leaving Twitch for Microsoft’s Mixer Shannon Liao

Published on October 25, 2019

On Thursday the gaming star, Michael Shroud announced that he would be streaming exclusively on Microsoft mixer from 8 pm. Tyler Ninja was the first big twitch streamer who left Twitch due to his defection from Twitch. On August Tyler Ninja left Twitch for Microsoft Mixer. After Tyler, the second big streamer on Twitch is also going Twitch for Microsoft Mixer.

Image Credit: CNN

Amazon has brought a live streaming platform for gamers and fans of players in 2014. Twitch and Microsoft’s are the competitors in the Amazon Live streaming platform. Michael Shroud, the second-best Twitch streamer often beat Ninja’s Twitch in shooters gamers like Counter-Strike, Apex Legends, and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds.
Shroud told on leaving Twitch that moving to the Mixer is allowing him to focus on gaming what he loves. He added, by moving to Mixer he will be able to focus on live streaming for his fans, and he will be able to engage with more variety and interactivity directly. By Shroud and Tyler’s movement to Microsoft Mixer, we can see how serious Microsoft is about owing talent in content creators in the gaming business.

Twitch users for each month are going down from August after Tyler left Twitch. Microsoft Mixer can increase his monthly active user to 30 million as of August. Michael Shroud left Twitch only after a month of Tyler Ninja Blevins’s departure from Twitch. On Thursday the gaming star announces the news through a tweet by saying that Same Shroud but a new home. The tweet followed by a link to his new account on Mixer.

With the Michael Shroud leaving Twitch for Microsoft Mixer has made a heating competition between both the competitors of the Amazon Live streaming platform for gamers. It could be a massive move by the player as he was the second-best gamer on Twitch.

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