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Published on January 19, 2018

Samsung Galaxy S5 Wireless Charging with the CHOETECH Wireless Charger Kit

You can charge your Galaxy S5 wirelessly with a wireless pad and receiver (Some phones dont need this receiver if they are QI compliant, read below). In this video i am showing you the Wireless kit I purchased. This is all you need to start charging your S5 wirelessly. Note that you should use your S5 wall charger for the pad, this way you can charge it no matter what direction the the phone is laying on the pad. Before i used a generic wall charger and i could only charge it while in a perfect vertical position on the pad.

CHOETECH Qi Wireless Charger KIT for Galaxy S5 Including Wireless Charging Pad and Wireless Charging Receiver.

USA Amazon:
UK Amazon:
CA Amazon:


The specifications states this:
QI- Enable Devices (built in to the phone so no need the receiver card)
This Wirelss Charger Pad works with fully QI-ENABLE devices
-NOkia Lumia 920/928:
-HTC 8X, HTC Droid DNA, HTC Rzound, HTC Incredible 4G LTE:
-Moto Droid Maxx, Droid Mini:
-Google Nexus 4, Google Nexus 5, Google Nexus 7 (2013)
-LG D1L, LG LTE2, LG G2, Pentax WG-lll camera

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