From Instagram to Candy Crush: These Are The Most Important Apps of the Decade

Published on November 11, 2019

Most people feel that the evolution of smartphones changed the world, which is valid to some extent. But, the digital revolution could not be possible without the development of specific applications. Applications made our life more comfortable and smarter. So, here are the eight applications released in this decade, having the most impact on people’s life. 

Image Credit: Open Paper


Instagram is a photo and video sharing application and very popular among the youth. The use crossed the one billion user mark per month. 


Most of the celebrities and public figures use this microblogging application to share their opinion. One can reach their favorite star or role model by using the app.  


Though Facebook launched in the previous decade, it reached its potential in this decade only. Currently, the application has 2.5 billion user base across the world. One can share photos, videos, and instant messaging through this application. 


Tinder is a dating site, which filters the searches according to the need of the customers. It helps to discover new friends and partners in a strange city also. 

Google Map/ Apple Map

Both offer mapping services across the world. They use satellite images to up to date their map. As a result, now it is easier to move any locations with the help of these maps. 


Spotify offers online music streaming. Though there are several streaming services available in the market, due to its extensive collection and simple UI, the streaming service is quite popular among the masses. 


Slack is an instant messaging application. Professional organizations and institutions use the form extensively. The secure transfer of photos, videos, and messages made it a primary choice for organizations. 


The list can not be completed without Uber. Uber is a ride hiring and sharing applications, available in most parts of the world. The app reduces the dependency and monopoly of taxis across the globe. 

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