Four years later, GTA 5’s Online Mode set a new player record

Published on January 14, 2018

Four years ago, the Grand Theft Auto (Online version) was made available to all. Little did the game developers know that just in four years, they would be able to set a new player record. For those who aren’t aware, the Grand Theft Auto (Online version) is actually the multi-player mode of ‘Grand Theft Auto V.”

Four years later, GTA 5’s Online Mode set a new player record

The game was described as being the “biggest game of 2017.” Its game developer, i.e. Rockstar Games recently made an announcement via their official blog post, revealing their latest achievement. While they haven’t exactly published the exact player numbers, revenue or any form of metric, they surely have confirmed that more people played GTA Online than ever before in the history of the game.

As noted by Gamespot, this is a great deed of achievement for Rockstar especially because GTA Online was launched only four years ago, i.e. in October 2013. It is extremely rare for any game to become so popular in such a short span of time. This is true because the game has gone on to defeat even the previously-existing games.

“GTA Online’s ongoing success can no doubt be attributed to Rockstar’s impressive commitment to launching new updates and activities on almost a weekly basis,” reports Gamespot. The latest player record for GTA Online comes shortly after its game developer unveiled the massively large Doomsday Heist expansion.

GTA Online surely seems to be having the best quarter when it comes to revenue. Its parent company, Take-Two hasn’t exactly revealed specific figures for the same. At the same time, Take-Two and Rockstar haven’t been discussing the matter as of yet. The one time that they spoke about it was back in 2015 when they revealed that roughly 8 million players gamed with Rockstar GTA Online on a weekly basis. Furthermore, it is also revealed that GTA V has been shipped 85 million copies across all the platforms since its launch, which makes it the best-selling game in the U.S. market.

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Four years later, GTA 5’s Online Mode set a new player record
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