Fortnite is about to launch an update of Balloons to raise altitude

Published on October 29, 2018

The most awaited update is announced by the Fortnite creator, the upcoming item in the news section of the game. After 1 or 2 weeks, Fortnite players will get balloons in the game, while we don’t know how exactly they will work. What we have to know is that the players will use to gain altitude.


The best part for this update is that we already have found balloons in the game file, but till now we don’t know what they did or how they worked. To be honest, they’re in the game and we can try them out we won’t know exactly how they function.

“Inflate balloons to defy gravity! Add balloons to increase your altitude!” is what the in-game description of the upcoming item states. It is important to note that the glider re-deployment test will be done by the next patch, which is when we will get balloons.

As we take help from Grappler and Jetpack before them, Ballons will give players the ability to reach new heights. In my way of thinking, they’ll be a consumable that comes in a pack of around 10. Though it’s also possible that they’re items you simply use and don’t store in your inventory at all.

However, the description makes them sound like consumable, and not just that, it sounds like you can use them one at a time to increase how high you go Up.

It is going to be very excited to see how this impact the game. Unlike Jetpacks and grappling hooks, balloons are very weak. They pop quickly. I think enemies will be able to shoot them, potentially sending other players to their death (though with the new soaring mechanic in all modes, fall damage is much less common.)

Releasing a balloon item would have made more sense during Fortnite’s birthday event.

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