First successful pre-standard 5G test conducted in UK

Published on December 20, 2017

Major mobile carriers teamed up for the testing of 5G network in the UK recently. The list includes Ericsson and Vodafone (UK) along with experts from King’s College, London. A team of experts was formed, who were then able to carry out UK’s first successful pre-standard 5G test.

5G Network

According to an online report, Vodafone went on to claim that the completion of the 5G testing marks the first-ever successful demonstration of a high-level, pre-standard network. The latest network works independently. In other words, it does not require 4G network connections, for that matter. The 5G network connectivity was first created and tested by Vodafone (UK) and Ericsson at first. They got along with academics from the King’s College (London) after that, who was responsible for providing input. According to the information provided by a Vodafone spokesperson, the mobile carrier plans on continuing 5G testing technology. The company is continually looking for newer opportunities that will help them deliver quality services to their customers. The technology is scheduled to deploy two years from now, i.e. 2020.

“We’re delighted to be the first provider to test standalone 5G in the field, however, building a 5G network will take time,” commented Vodafone UK head of networks Kye Prigg. “Right now, we’re also modernising our network by making smarter use of our existing mobile technology to keep ahead of consumer demands and provide the mobile coverage our customers deserve,” he added. “5G also needs fibre optic cables. Together with CityFibre, we will soon start work installing the advanced fibre networks providing high-capacity backhaul connections required for 5G mobile services,” he further went on to conclude.

The latest project by Vodafone includes different brands of the mobile spectrum as well. Customers are allowed faster speeds by the same. One can easily combine various bands of spectrum and deliver approximately 500 megabits per seconds.

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