First look: LG G7 ThinQ shines through renders

Published on April 17, 2018

Android smartphone manufacturer LG is preparing to take the wraps off its flagship smartphone called G7 ThinQ. The next-generation handset is expected to show up toward the end of this month. It is among LG’s upcoming flagship devices which the technology giant will be unveiling anytime soon now. Earlier last week, the smartphone manufacturer went on to take the wraps off its LG G7 ThinQ smartphone exclusively to Android Headlines. The rear panel of the upcoming Android handset had been shown off online. LG’s plans on introducing the additional number of colour options were made official through the renders. The company ended showing off the back side of the smartphone in all the colour options possible. The company planned on making the device available toward the end of the second quarter. Additionally, the company also went on to release another post wherein they spoke about the upcoming specifications and features that can be expected in the flagship LG G7 ThinQ smartphone.

LG G7 ThinQ, LG

The bunch of new renders provide a slightly different look at the future device. The smartphone, which is placed at a specific angle, goes on to show off a bit more of the side wherein one can spot the power button. According to a report by Android Headlines, the image also shows off a bit more close up of the front camera system. LG, it appears, will be following Apple’s footsteps at integrating the first notch in their flagship offering. “The image is also a bit more close up which makes the front-facing camera and notch more visible than in the previous render,” the report by Android Headlines read.

Apart from this, the image also goes on to look exactly like the one that was showed-off in previously leaked renders. Therefore, it is safe to assume that the smartphone will sport the same design as had been shown in the leaked renders. However, one cannot know for sure whether the smartphone will look exactly like it as the Chinese smartphone manufacturer has not yet confirmed the details. “That said the image looks exactly like the previously leaked renders which add more credence to the design of the phone so this is what consumers can expect regarding how the phone will look once LG announces it,” notes the report by Android Headlines. By the colour frame of the upcoming smartphone, it appears that it will be available in a new Platinum Grey option.

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer, as per reports, will be unveiling the G7 ThinQ smartphone sometime later this month. The upcoming device will sport some different functions and design choices, including the first notch. Notably, the front groove will go on to pack an artificial bar at the top edge, which essentially hides the groove from view in a particular way. The design makes the smartphone look like its featuring slimmer bezels.

However, the groove will still very much be there, just like it appears on the Apple iPhone X smartphone. According to a report by Android Headlines, the upcoming G7 ThinQ smartphone will go on to feature numerous Artificial Intelligence-enhanced features along with a couple that integrates the camera on the forefront as well. The smartphone will reportedly end up featuring a dual rear system that will extend support for numerous technologies including Portrait Mode, Live Photos, and 3D Stickers, all of which have been popular offerings on other smartphones from different brands. Additional details about the smartphone will be official only when LG confirms it. It doesn’t appear like there is a lot of waiting time until one finds out what the flagship smartphone will end up sporting.

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LG G7 ThinQ, LG
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