First impressions | Samsung’s 8K micro dimming TV

Published on January 8, 2018

Whether or not you like it – 8K televisions are the norm of the day. This year, it’s all going to be about purchasing 8K televisions. The South Korean technology giant Samsung recently unveiled its latest 8K-powered television last weekend. The production for the same is expected to begin in the second half of this year.

Samsung’s 8K micro dimming TV.

As noted by Forbes, while these televisions will be made available for sale towards the end of this year, the true question is: Is it going to be worth the money that it comes from? Or whether the 8K television is really just another fad? Despite the fact that 8K content is supported by the HDMI 2.1 specification, it will be non-existent for years to come.

One can expect the technology to begin appearing from 2019 onward. Following which, anything that is viewed on an 8K screen will inevitably have to be up-scaled to 8K’s 7680 x 4320-pixel resolution count. Unfortunately, up-scaled pictures are not considered to be replacements for native or pixel for pixel pictures. “Samsung is working on for its 8K debutante seems to be delivering some remarkable results that suggest that up-scaled 8K images really trump native 4K ones,” the Forbes report states.

However, Samsung seems confident about making a huge impact through its 8K up-scaling prowess. The company even dared to run a side by side demo of two 85-inch TVs – out of which, one was an 8K model and the other one was a 4K model. In the end, it was discovered that at face value the 8K TVs up-scaling efforts were truly remarkable.

Even when the 480-line was being considered, the upscaling reportedly ended up doing a phenomenal job. It managed to add details and reduce the compression that caused noise apparitions. Samsung is first among the many companies to touch this technology and go a step forward by integrating it into their products. Let’s see who else ends up showing up.

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Samsung’s 8K micro dimming TV
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