Final Fantasy XV’s mobile version is out now

Published on February 19, 2018

Game developer Square Enix has finally announced the mobile version of its highly-popular gaming series, Final Fantasy XV. The game is the latest addition to the series of Final Fantasy games introduced along the way. The game developer initially announced the spin-off of Final Fantasy XIII.

Final Fantasy XV, Final Fantasy

It was not until much later that they rebranded it as a new entry into the series entirely. The game developer, who recently held an event, suggested that the story will come equipped with supplementary movies starring ‘Game of Thrones’ actors and even anime characters. Square Enix has also announced a new multiplayer mode for its mobile version.

According to a report published by The Verge, the mobile version of Final Fantasy XV packs the spirit of the original game. It comes paired with complex battles and level systems. The characters are similar to the kind that appeared in the original series. Even though the game is pretty lengthy, each episode of the game is not. Final Fantasy XV (Pocket Edition) narrates the same story as the original one.

The story goes something like this: Prince Noctis leaves his home kingdom to marry a woman from a rival nation. He is accompanied by his three friends and guardians. However, their homes have been attacked during the process. Noctis is thus, assumed to be dead. “The game plays out like a big buddy road trip as the group travels, camps, and fights and the mobile version keeps the game’s cutscenes and even side-banter intact,” notes the Verge.

The original game provided its users with access to a wide range of quests and leveling systems. However, the mobile version will not consist of the same number of searches and leveling systems. To compensate for the lack of quests and leveling systems, the experience is designed to be more refined.

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Final Fantasy XV, Final Fantasy
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