Final Fantasy 14: Stormblood’s 4.2 updates to arrive on Jan 30

Published on January 21, 2018

Game developer Square Enix recently announced that they plan on releasing the latest Final Fantasy 14: Stormblood’s 4.2 updates towards the end of this month, i.e. January 30.

Final Fantasy 14- Stormblood’s 4.2 updates to arrive on Jan 30

The latest update, as reported by PC Gamer, is going to bring a heavy amount of nostalgia with it. The update, which is titled Rise of a New Sun, will be seen bringing a whole new range of raid wings, dungeons, and other smaller details. What is considered to be the most important change that the update will bring is the new introduction of a new villain – the maniac wizard from Final Fantasy 6 called Kefka.

The teaser towards the end reveals that Kefka is going to make a comeback in the series. For those who aren’t aware, Kefka is a notorious character who is known to find joy in destroying the world with his enigmatic style. “Kefka appears to be the final boss of the new raid coming in Stormblood called Omega: Sigmascape,” reports PC Gamer. On the basis of the couple of shots that appeared on the platform, it appears that the glory days of Final Fantasy will finally be making a comeback.

The latest ‘Rise of a New Sun’ is not just about the raid in the game. The update is also scheduled to bring about a whole new range of story quests that individuals can work through with. The addition of two new dungeons will also be ensuring that players experience the game in a different manner.

The addition will also allow players to enjoy a new aspect in the game. Players will also be required to travel to Hell’s Lid within the game and overcome any form of obstacles that might take place on their way to the Fractal Continuum. An individual will also be fighting a battle against Byakko, who is one of the most dangerous Lords in the entire journey.

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Final Fantasy 14- Stormblood’s 4.2 updates to arrive on Jan 30
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