FCC votes to scrap rules, internet providers free of most constraints

Published on December 15, 2017

The Federal Communications Commission has officially voted to scrap out the rules set on internet providers. This is perceived as being a big win for companies like Comcast, Verizon and AT&T, as they will now be able to prioritise content by their preference. These rules were implemented during the reign of Obama government. However, they acted as significant binders as internet service providers were unable to slow or block user’s access to specific websites.

FCC Confirmation Hearing

According to a report by USA Today, under the set of new rules, internet providers are allowed to prioritise content on one condition, i.e. they remain transparent about it to their users. The Federal Communications Commission, under its Chairman, Ajit Pai is majorly being credited to push this rule forward. He was appointed by Barack Obama back in the day and was driven by President Donald Trump towards the post of Chairmanship. Net neutrality rules were passed under the Obama administration in 2015, with the primary objective to provide an equal Internet experience to all users. Now that this constraint no longer exists, internet providers like Comcast could slow access to specific websites down, for their benefits. The FCC head, Pai feels that it is a “win for consumers.” However, advisors of Consumers Union are of the opinion that users will face additional tolls to visit websites following the implementation of these rules.

It is being reported that net neutrality advocates in Congress are planning on overturning the FCC’s recent decision through the help of a measure with the Congressional Review Act Legislation. There is not much to know about it as of yet. However, the battle between Consumer watchdogs and FCC won’t end so quickly. It remains to be seen what takes place in the end.

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FCC votes to scrap rules
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