FCC approved first wireless charging system ‘WattUp’, that doesn’t require physical contact

Published on December 27, 2017

Hours of charging is pathetic and stressful. There are various innovations came in highlight since past few years, some of them are fast charging, wireless charging and many more. Now a level of that has been innovated by Energous Corporation (A San Jose-based startup) who developed a wireless charging system that can even work from a distance of 15 feet (As shown in the video below). The written reports of some media websites suggest that the system can deliver wireless charging up to a region of 3 feet, but the official video shows a successful wireless charging from feet.

WattUp Devices

Image Credit: Engadget

There are various wireless charging options available on the market. Unfortunately, all of them requires a physical contact with the transmitter, but the one created by Energous Corporation is something highly appreciable. The startup created a mechanism based on a transmitter named WattUp Mid Field transmitter which converts electricity into radio frequencies and beams them to the nearest devices outfitted with a corresponding receiver.

The mechanism is far different from the induction method that the Pi wireless charging system relies upon and also different from the Belkin and Morphie chargers as the system doesn’t seek for a physical contact with the devices.

The video showcased that the WattUp transmitter has been placed on a tripod (You can assume that as your office desk, or home corner.) And the CTO and Founder of Energous Corporation showcased in a video that the system supports charging to multiple devices at the same time. Also, the charging is supportable from a distance of around 15 feet.

This power-at-a-distance is supportable to all devices irrespective of the manufacturing brand of the transmitter of the device. One can avail thus wireless charging for almost all wireless (WiFi enabled) devices like mobile phones, tablets, ear pods and others.

The company is planning to showcase this wireless charging mechanism at CES 2018, and the sale dates of the WattUp is still covered. But we can except that at the mid of the year 2018 or the maximum can be the end of 2018.

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