Facial Recognition Gets a Boost From Intel’s ‘RealSense’ Technology

Published on January 7, 2021
Facial Recognition
Image Credit: [Intel Corporation/ShoeMedia]

Intel’s new facial recognition system is showing promising potential for use in a wide variety of consumer devices. Areas of application range from smart door locks to ATMs. Now, Intel has implemented a neural network into its RealSense depth-sensing cameras to enable access to these devices at a glance.

RealSense ID can work in a broad range of lighting conditions. Authentication is fast, taking place in the hundreds of milliseconds, and Intel says that it reliably works with ‘every skin tone.’ Apparently, there are some ‘other facial recognition systems’ out there that can’t correctly differentiate people that have darker skin.

On-par with Apple’s Face ID technology, RealSense also has the ability to scan your face for specific curves that are unique to you. Because of the AI magic, Intel’s system is able to adapt to a user’s face over time. Intel says that it can compensate for facial hair changes and even whether or not someone is corrective lenses.

All processing happens locally within the RealSense hardware, so privacy is of no concern as your RealSense ID facial data is not sent anywhere. It’s got built-in tamper-prevention as well. Measures have been taken to help prevent an imposter from accessing your system. So, basic attacks like using photos or videos of you likely won’t work. Also, Intel says that the user data is encrypted.



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