Facebook Might Merge All The Social Networking Sites In One App

Published on January 25, 2019

Facebook one of the greatest messaging and user connected app which allows different users to come and communicate with their known once. As you all must know that Facebook is also operating its two largest social networking apps and that too worldwide which is great for the people around. The two apps which are being controlled and appreciated by Facebook are Instagram and Whatsapp which are one of the most entertaining and supportive social media application. These apps also help the user to share their views on the specific thing as well as they can share multiple of photos which can be seen by their friend’s circle and more people in their profile which help everyone to stay connected and also it is useful because it gives most of the updates.

Image Source: Euronews

Facebook has officially shared the news that it will be soon combining the messaging apps in one application, in the same way, facebook messenger was combined with SMS in your smartphone. In the same way, it will be merging Whatsapp, Instagram and Messenger(Facebook), these three apps are regularly maintained by Facebook itself. This will result in great connectivity and time efficiency as well because Facebook will add an option that any WhatsApp user will be allowed to get in touch with the Instagram user by sending a chat and that too it also remove the barriers from Facebook that the users should become friends before having a conversation.

One interesting feature which is added to this new model of the update is that any messenger user will be surely able to contact the user who is only using Whatsapp for instance. The pattern will be completely unique, as per the reports by Facebook we found that, all the social networking app will be having their different app icon differently on the home screen(which will be completely different when open separately) but will surely have a common messaging app.

Reports also mention some of the most disturbed lines which were said by the employees at Instagram and Whatsapp that they do not want Facebook to change some plans but it was just after the CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Whatsapp employees also were somehow annoyed by the change of plans. The employees have many problems because of Whatsapp is the one which believes in giving strong privacy and encryption to the user and it was its key feature and therefore if this will be implemented then the feature for which WhatsApp is famous for will be of no use. Therefore now it will be very difficult for Facebook to connect both Instagram and Whatsapp before disturbing their key feature for which they are famous for.

The merging will also be somehow difficult because all the three apps are famous in one out f best and every app have key some key feature, and it will be best when it will somehow keep working same like how it is.

But with this facebook also announced that in all the apps, whether WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook will be soon having a great modification. As mentioned the complete background infrastructure will be changed, as it will be better but will take some time as said by Facebook itself in reports, therefore, the updates will be soon spread. Also somehow the employees also mentioned that the messaging service of three apps and that too together will somehow look like a messaging market and will surely be complicated for the user to have an effective conversation.

This decision might be a foolish one because it is somehow participating the users with other information. Merging all the three apps somehow looks like that the messenger user which could be unknown can message and send chats to random person by the merge of Instagram and Whatsapp which could lead in bullying and bad actions as well. Therefore facebook should somehow think before launching this new feature of merging the apps. And the most important thing is about the data privacy between the apps.



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