Facebook Messenger went down, might be due to a server error

Published on December 5, 2017

It was 6 PM today when I noticed that Facebook Messenger went down without showing any error. When I tried to log in to the messenger website it was showing black and was asking to begin a new chat. The URL to which the home URL was redirected was not a casual one it was www.messenger.com/new. Frankly, I am unfamiliar with this kind of error with Messenger. Some people also reported that even Messenger app was also down during that time. The error was continuous for around an hour and later it turned normal.

Facebook Messenger

The official website of Facebook was also showing some errors, at the right-hand right hand where a user find the active friends it was showing “Chat unavailable” at the bottom. It was like you have turned off your chat but without anything like that, it was showing such a line. We cannot predict what the error was and how it initiated but the good thing is the officials didn’t let the error persist for a long duration of time.

This is not the first time when Facebook got crashed due to technical faults, a few days back also the social media platform was unavailable to serve people for a short span of time. The server error caused today didn’t have any negative impact on the regular routine of the users, like the data was same as prior and no loss of chat or shared data found.

Facebook is the biggest social media brand of this world and we cannot say that the company is careless about its brand or technical things rather we must say that the officials are so much concerned about its users and hence they fixed the issue in a fraction of an hour. If you faced something strange other than this, then please share it by commenting on the comment box given below.

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Facebook Messenger
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