Facebook Messenger Ads could help grow your business, here’s how

Published on December 20, 2017

The social media platform has unaccountable power for businesses. Individuals can expand their reach to users all over the world. As of June 2017, the Mark Zuckerberg-led venture, Facebook consists of nearly two billion monthly users. Any other platform that comes even remotely close to Facebook is YouTube with a user-base of 1.5 billion users. At the same time, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger stand at 1.2 billion users each.

Facebook Messenger

According to an online report, making use of Facebook Messenger Ads to promote your business will help you target your audience better and enable your innovation to grow further more. There are numerous types of Facebook Messenger Ads – first is Destination Ads and the second is Sponsored Messages. Destination Ads are also referred to as Newsfeed Messenger ads. They are the kind that appear on a user’s newsfeed like any other standard type of advertisements. Sponsored type of messages is the kind through which, companies can deliver exclusive messages directly into the inboxes of users. Facebook Messenger Ads can genuinely help you grow your business, here’s how:

Customer acquisition: Through the use of Messenger Destination ads, one can start a conversation with any given user. It is a great way to get in touch with a prospective client. Instead of being directed to a page, directly get directed to the user’s inbox and start a straight conversation.

Engagement: Another significant advantage of making use of Facebook Messenger ads for your business is by engaging with those customers who have already shown interest. Business owners need not worry about initiating any form of call-to-action move. The users are already aware of your product, and you merely need to create a conversation with them.

Facebook has long given businesses an efficient way to reach out to millions of customers. Make the most use of personalized interactions and communication tools.

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Facebook Messenger
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