Facebook axes all cross-posted statuses from Twitter

Published on September 7, 2018

Recently, Facebook has removed all the tweets from the users who had published to the Facebook Profile which is through the cross-posting from Twitter. As per the reports of the of the TechCrunch, Facebook’s has removed all the shared tweets which comes from the depreciation of API which has blocked the cross-posting feature from working.


It is seen that now Twitter has deleted its app from Facebook after Facebook has stopped the cross-posts which were held earlier in the month. This has caused all the old post to get disappear. The users of the Facebook has now started to complain about the company which has removed the cross-posted tweets that had ever published in the profiles as Facebook updates.

This removal of the posts has taken place after following the recent API that can change the prevented Twitter users to continue to publish the tweets to the Facebook automatically.

As per the affected parties, it seems that both the Facebook posts as well as the conversation that is present around the posts that had taken place directly on Facebook now seem to be gone. When Facebook was asked for the comment, it said that the issue is known to them and they are looking to it.

It is seen that over the years, many users of Facebook has linked their Facebook and Twitter accounts to use the cross-posting that automatically posts the things that they usually tweeted as status updates on the Facebook. In the last week, the users have noticed that all the status posts had already been disappeared from Facebook.

In addition to the removal of the statuses, all other likes, comments as well as other reaction have been disappeared thus by raising the years of what they have been valuable memories along with the conversations.

Some of the users who are greatly impacted were said to be light Facebook users who are heavily relied on the cross-posting to keep the Facebook accounts active. As a result, the mass of the removals on the Facebook profiles is said to be empty.

As per Matthew Panzarino, he said that the tweet cross-posting has turned on for the years. It has just removed about thousands of posts from the Facebook silently without any type of warning to the users.

Earlier in the month, it is seen that the Facebook has made an API change which has prevented Twitter users from publishing the tweets to the Facebook automatically. This change will prohibit any type of third-party applications which is from publishing the posts to the user’s account. This came as a Facebook’s effort to lock down the platform after the data misuse scandal.

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