Facebook admits social media is bad for health

Published on December 19, 2017

In a surprising turn of events, social media giant Facebook has reportedly admitted in its official corporate blog post that social media is bad for health. In a post published on Saturday, 16th December, Facebook accepted the fact that the use of social media can leave individuals feeling depressed.

Mark Zuckerberg

According to Recode, the social media giant while citing research, said that individuals who make “passively read” posts online, end up feeling worse. In other words, social media users who read but not interact with others online, eventually end up feeling depressed. Facebook describes engaging with content online as, “sharing messages, posts and comments with close friends and reminiscing about past interactions.” This, according to Facebook, will help users feel better.

In conclusion what Facebook means is that merely scrolling through posts can end up making you feel bad. However, if you don’t just scroll past but even like, comment or share the posts, you will not feel that bad about yourself.

The research published by Facebook doesn’t come across as surprising. Numerous researches over the years have been stating that the use of social media is leading to depression especially among young teens. However, the fact that Facebook is admitting to this, is surprising. The cure according to Facebook is concerned as absurd by most media publications. The firm is apparently taking interest in mental health concerns as a part of its “Hard Questions” blog series. Facebook debuted this series earlier this year with the objective to share thoughts on serious subjects such as online terrorism and hate speech.

Facebook has been a subject of scrutiny for the longest time possible. The social media giant is being pressurized by political authorities for the need for transparency. In the midst of all this, Facebook still continues to grow its business with the help of reliable shareholders and corporate institutes. This, in itself, is a tremendous achievement.

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