Event Preview of Apple October 2019 Mac, iPads, Airpod, and Much More

Published on September 18, 2019

Apple hasn’t been the fond of big events in the past to announce Apple new products like apple gear, apple laptop, apple home pod. However, the trend is changing now.

Event Preview of Apple October 2019 Mac, iPads, Airpod, and Much More

Event Preview of Apple October 2019 Mac, iPads, Airpod, and Much More: Image Source

The timeline for announced items in Apple’s Fall 2019 is not (probably) over. Yes, the company released iPhone 11, Apple Watch Series 5 and a 10.2-inch iPad last Tuesday. Although the portfolio of the company is so much wider than those. The press was invited for a 91-minute event on Macs and iPads last year in Brooklyn, New York. We expect to take Tim Cook to NY to show a different MacBook, more details on the extremely anticipated Apple Desktop and some new tablets based on current accounts.

In addition, we have a whole range of forward-looking notices that we want Apple to create at last. This is what you’ll be looking for from Apple next month.

Catalina macOS & MacBook Pro16-inch

The latest MacBook Pro (or at least one with a larger screen) has been rumored this previous February. In an article that properly forecasted a 10.2-inch iPad, renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo told us to find an’ All-New MacBook Pro 16— 16.5[-inch] Design.’ Reports followed that the MacBook Pro 15.4-inch model would be replaced and a chassis similar to that model would be used –only with trimming bezels that fit a bigger screen. This model was replaced. It is reportedly reported that the 16-inch MAC book Pro is the first laptop with a traditional, scissor-mechanism-key design and a highly controversial’ butterfly’ keyboard.

Apple has upgraded its Catalina macOS site shortly after the Sep. 10 event, noting that in October, the operating system comes. An event in October, therefore, is likely to be an excellent place to announce a firm release date.

Faster iPad pros also expected

Apple may upgrade these high-end tablets in the near future, even if the current11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro designs were first introduced last October. A Bloomberg August Report highlighted the improvement of the processor and the camera like what Apple uses on its new iPhones that are expected to arrive in the coming weeks and months, so we could see a tablet running more quickly than an A13 chip in the iPhone 11, just as a processor of iPhone XS ‘ A12X in the 2018 iPad Pro overrides benchmark tests on an iPhone XS ‘ A12 Chip. Although the highly advanced chipset will probably be sufficient for the new iPad Pro to maintain its professional classification, it may have 3-camera configuration similar to the iPhone 11 Pro.

That is something that we have no reason to expect, but we hope that Apple will toughen this revised model structure to prevent it from bending.

Mac Pro Update Will be announced

Since the 2014 shiny black cylinder model turned out to be a relative dud, Mac-loving professionals wanted a new Mac Pro. Apple revealed the WWDC 2019 in June a fresh Mac Pro, which has a modular design, is upgraded with a number of graphic details and is known as the cheese grater for a loved 2016 model. For this mighty Mac, Apple produces an XDR 32″~82 “long, 6 K resolution and high-dynamic screen screens for $4,999 Pro Display. Oh, and Apple sells a $999 monitor to support it. All these combined prices, however, will probably not even touch the top of the Mac Pro line, which could reach up to $35,000.

We are saying’ could’ as Apple did not announce a model price with a Xeon W CPU 28-core 28 core, RAM 1.5 TB, SSD Storage 4 TB, Radeon Dual AMD Pro Vega II Duo GPUs and other whistles.

Apple requires to inform us when it will allow us to fall into this monster, which has saved our life. The company gave a fall 2019 window at the start, and the web page used to read, “coming in September” to you to sign up for Mac Pro accessibility notifications.

We expect a complete price and a date of availability for the new Mac Pro at this coming October event.

AR Glasses Bundle Pricing

You know how Apple events often end with a “One more thing…” before a surprise product has been revealed? Without sharing the service info, I have a hunch that Apple won’t let go of a press event. We expect this time more than just another show trailer from Apple TV+.

Right now we know Apple TV Plus prices of 4.99 dollars a month, Apple News Plus of 9.99 dollars a month and Apple Arcade of 4.99 dollars a month, but I could see Apple sweetening its package prices for all three services with a large variety of services.

Apple could decrease monthly prices, we believe the business could do other stuff that might be exciting for all three of them (presently $19.97 per month).

Oh, and we’ve also seen AR glasses in IOS 13 code in detail, so perhaps the company is going to tease the information?

New Air Pods

We also saw signs showing a more expensive version of Apple’s Air Pods in the works in Bloomberg’s report that led to new iPad Pros— which was predominantly accurate with its iPhone forecasting.

Water resistance and noise cancellation may be available on the next fully wireless headphones, with Apple launches’ by the next year.’ They can be displayed sooner, but with MacBooks and others AirPods, they can make their inclusion appropriate at the October event. However, because of their intimacy and portability, these accessories make more thematic sense for an iPhone event.

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Event Preview of Apple October 2019 Mac, iPads, Airpod, and Much More
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