How to Easily Build the Coolest Gaming Table Ever

Published on February 24, 2017

We’ve all done it. We’ve all sat there, daydreaming about our ideal gaming spot.

In an ideal world, it’ll have space for you to store dice, rule books, and even drinks.

But some of the best gaming tables costing over $1,000, you’re better off knowing how to build a gaming table.

And everyone’s concept of the perfect table will vary, depending on the games they play.

It’s estimated that 5.5 million people in the US alone regularly play tabletop games. So that’s a lot of games!

If you want to be the games master in your group, read on to find out how to build a gaming table.

How often will you want to play?

It’s an important question because it’ll dictate what kind of gaming table you make.

Are you a casual gamer who only plays every other week? Then you don’t have the same needs as someone who plays every other day.

How to build a gaming table the easy way

You’ll need a pre-existing table top. Secondhand is fine, or IKEA will do. Make sure you measure it to seat the number of players you have.

Buy a length of headliner foam to help cushion the tabletop. 2-yards should be sufficient.

Staple it down. Make sure you stretch it as you go to keep it taut.

You can cut down the foam to size once it’s in place.

Repeat the process with a 2-yard length of velvet. The color choice is up to you.

Don’t worry about the staples showing, they won’t.

Cut lengths of wood to fit the table size. Cut each end at a 45° angle so they fit together properly.

Stain the wood your chosen color. You’ll also need decorative rail to provide a bumper. Stain it the same color as the wood.

Use a nail gun to attach the rail to the wood. Then attach the wood to the tabletop!

That’s how to build a gaming table!

But what if I don’t want to keep moving it?

No problem. Maybe you want something more permanent. You don’t want to keep moving a tabletop every time you want to play.

You can make a ‘lid’ using a thin piece of wood the same dimensions as the original tabletop.

Stain it the same color as the wood we used on the previous table.

Then measure the height from the gaming surface to the top of the wooden edges. Use wood glue to attach ‘legs’ that are this same length.

It means you can leave the tabletop in place all the time. Just put the lid on it when you need to use the table as an actual table.

Are there any possible tech upgrades?

Yes. You can always buy an extendable dining table. Pull the leaves out to their full extension but remove the central panels.

You can mount an LCD screen in this central gap between the leaves. Cut the central panels down to size to form a ‘frame’ at the top and bottom of the screen.

You could always try the ASUS ROG Swift PG27UQ gaming monitor for a true gaming experience.

Make sure the screen sits below the level of the panels. That way, you can make a thin panel to sit over the screen when it’s not in use.

So you can still use your gaming table as a dining table.

These are just a few ideas to get you going on your quest to learn how to build a gaming table.

Next, you can try building your own gaming PC!

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